The Mariupol Replica Amusement Park Near Azovstal ( poetry )

Certain Russian Oligarchs love
dangerous amusement parks.

The chief always says
if one guest dies accidentally
you attain three with largesse.

The building that I guard and show
is part of a haunted house tour —
scares for a known fee — to
include a haunted mill in lore
at no abhorrent extra cost

I’m a night watchman here
with a healing sore throat, but
it’s my job at my steel works

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Open Skies In Ukraine

They say
in the South the invaders
are like Colorado potato beetles,
dumb bastards in the Donbas;
in the North, war creatures can have
the fa├žades of men, but rampaging,
they’re wicked trampling valenki
who have no pity, no remorse —
boots on the neck, on the breast,
teeth on the prey like war animals

There would be blood
and worse.

Many days ago,
staging in hell, they had emerged
from the bowels of Belarus
blundering demons who
in evil malice would became
the Butchers in Bucha

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Discerning Tactical Weapons

Sometimes diabolical
desperation breeds a need for
science beyond curiosity, a
stunning terror for a leader to grasp
who sees winning as fiendish beauty

In science there can be elegance in
theory before application.

Behold the beauty and he says,
Come ye all to praise Science,
to embrace the vacuum bomb, and
the hypersonic missile of Putnik

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